About Us

In the spring of 1980, in a small 800 square foot building in central Oklahoma City,  Neco Industries opened for business, after a few years and several new customers we realized it was time to expand, so we relocated to the city of Edmond Oklahoma.

We enjoyed 12 great years of success at our Edmond location but again NECO found the need to expand to a much larger location, after a long search we found our new location, a new building that was built by the Snap-on Corporation but did not fit their needs.

Not wanting to get land locked again the first thing we did was to purchase the adjacent lot just north of our new location, and we thrived for many years but again we ran out of room, because of the forward thinking of our owner we were able to erect a new concrete tilt-up building in the style of our existing building.

Now enjoying our 24 year in our current location, we can look back to our humble beginning with nothing more than a large punch press and a few drill presses to now having 2 large tilt-up buildings  full of State Of The Art Equipment.

With our considerable types of services and our Fabrication knowledge, let Neco Industries help with you project needs.